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  • Media Highlights Who’s Really Paying for that $10 Uber Ride? Surprise: It’s Your Driver El Reportero—October 16, 2020 Veena Dubal: “This is a highly exploitative model that really lowers labor costs for companies and cuts the ability of workers to make a living.” Supreme Court Confirmation […]
  • Media Highlights Uber and Gig Companies Spend Nearly $200 Million to Knock Down an Employment Law They Don’t Like—and it Might Work Washington Post—October 9, 2020 Veena Dubal: The gig companies are following a long history in California of powerful groups “manipulating the way the public […]
  • Media Highlights A Rush to Confirm Justice Nominee Can Hurt Supreme Court for Years The Hill—October 2, 2020 James Wagstaffe: Hurriedly replacing the leading lioness of liberalism with a dogmatic conservative could threaten the critical dynamism of the Supreme Court for a generation to come. So, […]
  • Media Highlights The Pandemic Imperils Working Mothers’ Careers Society for Human Resource Management—September 26, 2020 Joan Williams: “There’s no wishing this pandemic away. If employers don’t come to terms with this, we will come out a workforce bleached of mothers.” Blue Health Insurers Reach Tentative Antitrust […]
  • Media Highlights Trudging Towards Justice: The El Mozote Massacre’s Decades-Long Trials El Faro—September 18, 2020 Naomi Roht-Arriaza: “Knowing that this came from the top is still something that is not universally understood.” Congress’s Control Over the Military LawFare Podcast—September 17, 2020 Zach Price: Price discussed the […]
  • Media Highlights Why Uber and Lyft Are Taking a Page Out of Big Tobacco’s Playbook in Labor Law Battle The Guardian—September 11, 2020 Veena Dubal: Like the tobacco companies, gig companies have spent millions of dollars to directly and indirectly challenge independent research that is critical […]