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  • Media Highlights Federal Water Rule Expected to Stay Murky Through Biden Term Bloomberg Law—November 20, 2020 Dave Owen: “I think it’s going to be a mess for a pretty long time.” What Trump Showed Us About America Politico—November 19, 2020 Joan Williams: “Americans feel ripped off, […]
  • Media Highlights Employers Facing Wave of Lawsuits by Parents Fired During Pandemic Insurance Journal—November 12, 2020 Joan Williams: “We’re going to be seeing the economic consequences of this period — and they’re going to be to impoverish women and children for decades.” Uber Brands Gig Companies’ […]
  • Media Highlights Federal Supply Deal For COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Lacks Some Customary Protections NPR—November 6, 2020 Robin Feldman: “With these contracting practices, the administration is essentially giving away the store.” Uber and Lyft’s Big Win BBC—November 6, 2020 Veena Dubal: “What Prop 22 does is dismantle […]
  • Media Highlights Asylum Is Dead. The Myth of American Decency Died With It. Mother Jones—November/December 2020 Karen Musalo: “To pretend that those countries are safe countries for asylum seekers is beyond obscene.” Without Barrett, Supreme Court Halts Pennsylvania and North Carolina Attempts to Limit Ballot Counts […]
  • Media Highlights How Should We Use Public Lands? Voters Will Help Decide Aspen Public Radio—October 23, 2020 John Leshy: “I think it’s fair to say the Trump administration’s policies aim at nothing less than a complete upending of many decades of bipartisan policy making concerning public […]
  • Media Highlights Who’s Really Paying for that $10 Uber Ride? Surprise: It’s Your Driver El Reportero—October 16, 2020 Veena Dubal: “This is a highly exploitative model that really lowers labor costs for companies and cuts the ability of workers to make a living.” Supreme Court Confirmation […]