Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable provides the following services:

  • Vendor payments for goods and services
  • Employee and student reimbursement payments
  • Wire transfer payments –foreign & domestic
  • Unclaimed property compliance & reporting
  • Stop payment and check cancellation requests
  • Vendor & employee electronic fund transfer (EFT) setup and maintenance
  • Oversight and distribution of IRS 1099 forms
  • W-9 compliance
  • Vendor maintenance
  • Verifies that adequate documentation exists prior to releasing payments to vendors
  • Monitors vendor statements and investigates billing or payment errors
  • Audits and processes Expense Reports in Pay It!

Submitting for Disbursement

Forward approved, account coded, and  original documents to Accounts Payable for payment processing:

  • Invoice
  • Check RequestComplete this form to request a vendor payment when an invoice is not available. Employees who have NOT been trained on Pay It! and students should also use this form to request a personal, non-travel related, reimbursement. Itemized original receipts should be attached. 
  • Student Group Disbursement: Student Organizations wanting to withdraw funds from their Hastings’ account must complete this form. 



Disbursements are processed via the following schedule:

Pay It!

A One-Stop-Shop solution for Accounts Payable and Purchasing. In one portal you can:

  • Reconcile and approve PCard expenses
  • Request cash travel advances
  • Request reimbursement for out-of-pocket travel expenses
  • Electronically route expenses and reimbursements requests to an approver
  • Image and store receipts in your Receipt Store 

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Office of Fiscal Services is located at 198 McAllister, Room 111

  • School Hours (Aug-May): Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm
  • Summer Hours (June-July): Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm (Closed Friday)


Following is some general information and the most common, pro-active steps Budget Managers and Department Heads can take to help ensure payments for Consultants and Independent Contractors are processed in expeditiously.

Determine the Service Provider’s Proper Classification

Before you engage a service provider, be absolutely sure of  their classification. If you are unsure if the service provider should be classified as an ’employee’ of the College or as an ‘independent consultant’, use the following two documents to help guide you toward the proper classification.


General Information:

  • The Chancellor and Dean and the CFO are the only officers authorized to enter into Agreements on behalf of the College.
  • Contracts valued at $50,000 or more require approval by the Board of Directors.
  • All Agreements must be approved by General Counsel before they are signed by the CFO.

Processing Independent Contractor/Consultant Payments:

  • Ensure sufficient budgeted funds are available.
  • Secure a fully executed Agreement before the work commences. Refer to the Financial Policies and Procedure Manual, Exhibit X, for a sample Agreement.
  • Establish a purchase order in advance of the service date if the cost of service is over $4,999.99. Attach a copy of the fully executed Agreement to help expedite the purchase order.
  • Do not pay independent contractors/consultants from your personal funds; you will not be reimbursed by the College. Most contractors and consultants must receive a 1099-MISC form and this form cannot be sent if the payment to the contractor / consultant is made by an individual.
  • Secure a completed IRS W-9 form to the Agreement.

Accounts Payable – Other

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