Drivers’ Responsibilities When Using Garage

Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. The lack of space, stalled vehicles due to mechanical problems, traffic in the garage, personal excuses such as, late for appointments, dropping off a paper or package, did not see a posted sign, or other factors do not justify parking violations.

Payment of Fines: If a fine is imposed due to parking violations, including abuse of parking privileges, payment of fine must be made in full and in a timely manner. Any payment past due may result in additional fines, the loss of parking privileges, or a Hold may be placed on a student’s records. The use of access card or campus ID may also be temporarily suspended until outstanding parking fines or penalties are fully paid.

All fines may be paid with cash, credit card, money order, or certified check.

All patrons operating a vehicle must observe the following parking regulations:

  1. A vehicle must occupy only one stall. This applies to all drivers utilizing Hastings Parking Garage, including monthly parkers – one space per monthly parker at all times.
  2. A driver is responsible for locking his/her vehicle upon parking. If a key is left on the ignition or inside the vehicle, it is the responsibility of the driver to retrieve the key or to unlock the vehicle. Driver must inform HPS attendant-on-duty of the location of his/her vehicle; if a call for service has been placed and is expected to arrive. Due to liability issues, Hastings Parking Services will not attempt to open locked vehicles nor will it be required to wait for service on a driver’s behalf. Driver must be present to wait for the arrival of service or assistance.
  3. A daily parker must have in his\her possession a valid parking ticket obtained from the electronic dispenser upon entrance to the garage. Lost, misplaced or stolen ticket is subject to the daily maximum rate.
  4. A driver must be familiar with all posted signs and must follow all parking signage.
  5. Be aware of the location of EMERGENCY phones near the area where you park.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  7. Report any suspicious activity or behavior to Hastings Parking Services, including but not limited to, an unattended bag, briefcase, package, or similar items.

Events information, including special hours of operations, other than regular business hours, will be posted on Level One, near the pay stations.

Any of the following infractions is subject to penalties:

  1. Unauthorized used of an access card or school ID to park;
  2. Parking multiple vehicles, including motorcycles, with one access card is prohibited;
  3. Blocking of driveways, roadways, sidewalks, parking stalls, ramps, elevators, foot traffic exits or access points (electrical closets, emergency phones, etc.);
  4. Failure to display a disabled placard is subject to booting or towing;
  5. Failure to obey posted traffic patterns;
  6. Exceeding posted time limits, if applicable;
  7. Parking in a prohibited zone;
  8. Parking in a loading zone;
  9. Parking in a service area;
  10. Occupying more than one space;
  11. A daily parker who leaves his/her vehicle overnight must pay the maximum rate.
  12. Abandoned vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles will be subject to additional fines, including booting, towing or impoundment. A vehicle or motorcycle is abandoned when left for more than 28 hours. A bicycle is abandoned if left for more than 48 hours.

Any vehicle, motorcycle, or bicycle that is abandoned or is parked improperly resulting in safety hazard or causing traffic, will not be tolerated. There are regulations that could subject a driver to higher fines, including booting or towing of vehicle at owner’s expense, revoking parking privileges, or citations where applicable.

Liability Disclaimer

The College does not assume responsibility for any vehicle or contents left inside the vehicle that is parked in the school’s garage.  Further, the College does not assume responsibility for any damages to vehicles that are parked, abandoned, immobilized by booting, or towed.

In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1 immediately.