The Hastings Environmental Law Journal (HELJ) is in the process of transitioning from West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy.  The new direction of HELJ will continue the tradition of creating a legal forum for both academics and practitioners in areas of environmental law and policy, but will depart from the previous regional concentration that was inherent to West-Northwest.

With a broader focus, HELJ will be home to all aspects of environmental policy and legal issues, and will focus on scholarship regarding the most current issues from across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. This journal will focus on creating a community of environmental scholars here at Hastings, and connecting them with the greater environmental community beyond.  With articles and essays from a range of authors, including  practicing attorneys, policy-makers, law students and professors, resource managers, scientists, citizen groups, and activists, HELJ will lead the way in identifying the most problematic issues in environmental law and policy and creating innovative solutions.  

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Editors in Chief

Sarah Casey & Alex Sauerwein

Executive Management Editor

Holly Locke

Executive Acquisitions Editors

Schuyler Schwartz, Ethan Nocera, Rebecca Kim

Executive Production Editors

Sophie Kanieg, Allyssa Rose, Mary Haley Ousley

Executive Development Editor

Kaitlin Sheber

Senior Production Editors

Kimia Mallahati, Kelsey Galantich, Colin Schoell

Senior Development Editor

Kelilah Federman

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