Call for papers!

HELJ is looking for authors to publish for our inaugural volume in winter 2017. The title and theme of our first issue will be “California Resists: the Rogue State as the Vanguard for U.S. Environmental Law and Policy.” We are looking for two types of scholarly publications:

  • Articles: in the traditional law review style, we will be publishing full-length (25+ page) articles written on California’s efforts to lead the fight for progressive environmental law and policy, despite of, and perhaps due to, the new direction from the Federal government.
  • Essays: for a new take on law journals, we will be publishing shorter “essays” (5-15 pages) that hone in on specific policies, strategies, and commentaries on environmental law and policy. We urge practitioners to join us is describing their progressive work and detailing how it will change the landscape or conversation around the environment.

For more information, or to submit a piece, please email our Executive Article Acquisition editor, Claire Wilkens, at