Welcome to HHRILO

The Hastings Human Rights and International Law Org (HHRILO) seeks to provide students with an opportunity to connect with each other as well as to faculty and professionals in the field.  Through on-campus networking events, career panels and academic planning sessions, HHRILO hopes to help students find success in the field of international law.  HHRILO members are interested in both public and private international law and each event put on by HHRILO will embody this diversity of interests.

HHRILO also hosts fire-side chats that dive deeper into current events in international law.  For example, several students worked with professors to organize a discussion about the Rohingya refugee crisis and the international law issues triggered by those events in Myanmar.  HHRILO hopes to help students interested in these issues gain a better understanding of the legal complexities surrounding human rights violations.  The group also hopes to host a fire-side chat focusing on current events in private international and cross-border law.

As an organization, we are eager to provide students with events that enrich their understanding of public and private international law matters while also building their professional networks.