Other considerations?

    If you are you considering applying for DACA for the first time?

If you have not previously applied for DACA and are considering it for the first time you should consult with a lawyer before making such a decision. While the Trump administration has not issued any order nor has it targeted DACA there is no guarantee that the program will continue. The fact that it has not been revoked does not mean that it cannot happen in the future. You may receive conflicting advice because some organizations have not had difficulties in seeking DACA for their clients while others are more cautious. Talking with a competent lawyer can only help you to make the best decision for you. Remember that whether you do this or should be your decision.

    Should you seek a renewal of your DACA?

If you have already applied for DACA and it is going to expire soon, you might be considering whether to seek a renewal. Because the future of the program is uncertain, this is a decision which you should not take lightly and we recommend that you consult with a lawyer. There are many things that need to be weighed before making the decision including other available immigration benefits and the degree to which you need the work authorization, for it is uncertain whether it would be approved in any event. We are aware that some people have applied for extensions and they have been approved, but there are no guarantees that this will continue. There remains a risk that the DACA program could be revoked at any point in time even if your application had been renewed for another two years. As previously mentioned, DACA is not a program that guarantees or ensures a path to residency or citizenship. DACA does not provide its recipients a lawful status that they keep if the program is ever revoked. One thing to consider as well is that the immigration authorities already know where you are unless you have moved and have not notified them of any recent change of address.