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General list of things about vaccines, rough categories

List of articles:


Legal Tools to Increase Immunization Rates:


Tort liability for failure to vaccinate:; see also:

Full article:


Dealing with misinformation by an anti-vaccine doctor or organization:


Explaining why the unvaccinated should cover the costs of outbreaks:


Tort liability for bad medical advice, with Amanda Naprawa:


A classification of legal tools for improving immunization rates:


Suing for anti-vaccine misrepresentation: Amanda Naprawa’s article, part I:


FTC action against false anti-vaccine claims: Amanda Naprawa’s article, Part II:



Rights of the Unvaccinated Child:

A series addressing the tension between parental rights and the rights of a child to health, and asking how can the law protect children from the harms of non-vaccination.


School immunization requirements and exemptions:


California new law and Governor Brown’s signing statement:


Response to Alan Phillips’ discussion of religious exemptions:


Blog post, abuse of religious exemptions:


Full article on abuse of religious exemptions:


From the point of view of protecting the child of the no-vaccinating parent:


Letter to Rhode Island ACLU about their opposition to flu mandates for children, with Arthur Caplan:


Legal Current Events, Cases in the News:




Explaining Legal Concepts and Ideas:





Why NVICP is better for plaintiffs than the regular courts:

See also:


Analyzing news articles reporting on the Associated Press report:


Analyzing the Government Accountability Office Report about NVICP:


New case about NVICP – Price v. HHS, tolling and statutes of limitations:



Healthcare Workers and Influenza Mandates:

  1. The constitutional rights of healthcare workers in the context of influenza vaccine mandates – including the Valent case:
  2. Federal labor laws (Civil Rights Act, 1964) and influenza vaccine mandates for healthcare workers:
  3. Responding to Alan Phillips claims about vaccine mandates for healthcare workers:


Responding to Anti-Vaccine Attacks on Critics:

  1. Responding to anti-vaccine threats to sue Israeli pro-vaccine advocates:
  2. Anti-vaccine activists abuse Facebook’s reporting to silence disagreement:
  3. Wrap up of abusive reporting to Facebook by anti-vaccine activists:
  4. Anti-vaccine activists attack opponents:
  5. Andrew Wakefield’s suit against Brian Deer and BMJ rejected:
  6. Andrew Wakefield tries to appeal Texas Court of appeals rejection:
  7. The rights of employee and blogging about the public health:


Countering Anti-Vaccine claims:

  1. The claim that Walker-Smith’s acquittal means Andrew Wakefield is exonerated:
  2. Maine Anti-vaccine activists propose a law:
  • Responding to Alan Phillips’ critique of a proposed NY law allowing teen agers to consent to HPV and Hepatitis B vaccines, with Arthur Caplan:


Vaccines and the Law Manual:


Vaccine Related Commentary that is not about law:

  1. The harms of the fight against HPV:
  2. Responding to anti-vaccine activist Suzanne Humphries misleading claims about polio in Israel:
  3. Responding to an anti-vaccine op-ed:
  4. The Before Vaccines Blogs: