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Andrew Wakefield’s Appeal to the Texas Courts

Andrew Wakefield filed a libel suit against Brian Deer, Fiona Godlee, and the British Medical Journal with the Texas Court, seen by many as an attempt to punish critics and galvanize supporter. These posts cover the story of that appeal.


  1. Andrew Wakefield’s suit against Brian Deer and BMJ rejected by the Court of Appeals:
  2. Andrew Wakefield asks the Supreme Court for extension of time to file with them:

So far, no appeal was filed with the Supreme Court.

Anti-Vaccine activists use tactics – including litigation – to silence opponents

This article covers three situations in which anti-vaccine activists mounted unjustified, problematic attacks against critics, in an attempt to silence them:

A. Attempting to get Dr. Paul Offit fired over a comment about autism.

B. Threatening Dr. Emily Willingham with a lawsuit with no basis.

C. Attacking high school students who made a pro-vaccine film.