Finding A Good Paper Topic – Circuit Splits

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Finding a disagreement in the circuit courts is one good way to find a paper topic. You can read the arguments in each circuit and then decide how the circuit split should be resolved. The drawback of course is that a higher court may rule on the split and decide the issue before your paper is finished (or before your article is published). But even with that risk, this is still a tried and true way to find a topic.
BNA’s United States Law Week used to publish a popular feature called the “Circuit Split Roundup.” Professors still recommend this feature and students still come to the library looking for it, but it hasn’t been published for several years. Perhaps the best place to find current circuit splits is “Split Circuits – A blog dedicated to tracking developments concerning splits among the federal circuit courts,” written by Professor A. Benjamin Spencer from the University of Richmond School of Law.