“Where Have All the Shepard’s® Gone?”

Published on: Author: Teresa L

The Shepard’s® are now located in the front of the Circulation Desk. The Federal set is on the left side, and the California and the Pacific Reporter sets are on the right side next to the Witkin’s®. We have changed the location of other sets of books in preparation for the eventual move back to the 200 building. Here are more changes:
* The Pacific Reporter volumes have been placed in storage. You can get .pdf versions from this database on Westlaw.
* Exams were moved to the Gold Reading Room in Alcove 3. Exams are also online at the library website.
* The Pacific Digest is now in between the California Statutes and Amendments to the Code and the California Regulations towards the back of the First Floor Library.
* The Restatements are now in the Gold Reading Room in Alcove 12.
As we continue to change things around, we will keep you posted.