Hastings Professor to Argue in CA Supreme Court

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Professor Donna Ryu presents oral arguments before the California Supreme Court (350 McAllister St. 4th Floor) in Murphy v. Kenneth Cole Productions on Wednesday, March 7, at 1:30 p.m. The Murphy case began in the Hastings Civil Justice Clinic’s Individual Representation course as a superior court trial conducted by Hastings students representing the plaintiff worker. The case presents two very consequential, cutting-edge issues in California wage and hour law. The Court has arranged for additional overflow seating with live video feed in the main auditorium of the same building where the Court is located. For access to the overflow auditorium, please use the Golden Gate Avenue entrance and once inside go down the stairs on the left side.
Here is the location for wage and hour law research on Westlaw. This is the labor and employment page on Lexis. The wage and hour link is on the right, the last one under More Research Tasks.