New Law for Replacing Electronic Keys

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Have you ever lost the electronic key to your car? Replacing one is expensive and inconvenient, but a new law will make this easier for new vehicles after January 1, 2008.
California Senate Bill 1542
was introduced on February 23, 2006 and approved by the Governor seven months later.
To track the history of this bill or any other California bill through the legislature, visit, the official site for California legislative information maintained by the Legislative Counsel. There is bill information back to 1993, indexed by the Assembly or Senate, and browseable by bill number or by author.
Once you find the bill, you can check its status and history, and, as is the case in the example above, see if it has been passed, or “chaptered.” To search chaptered bills, start here and enter the year (2006) and the chapter number (433) which is noted on the history or status page.
To find where it’s been codified, look for the sentence “An act to add Section 9954 to the Vehicle Code, relating to vehicles” and find that section in the law itself.
There, you may not even realize it, but you just did a mini-version of a California legislative history.