Biographical Info about Judges

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Today’s panel, NUTS & BOLTS OF JUDICIAL CLERKSHIP INTERVIEWS (Wednesday, April 25, 12:40-1:30 pm in Rm. F) features tips on clerkship interviews and the overall clerkship application process, but how do you find out about the judges themselves?
Two great resources are the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary and the Daily Journal’s Judicial Profiles.
The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary Vol. I Profiles and Evaluations of All Judges of the U.S. District Courts contains detailed biographical information including publications, professional associations, academic honors, noteworthy rulings, media coverage and lawyers’ evaluations. This volume lists judges on the U. S. Tax Court, U. S. Claims Court, Court of International Trade, Court of Military Appeals, Bankruptcy Judges and U. S. Magistrates.
Vol. II Profiles and Evaluations of All Judges of the US Circuit Courts and the U. S. Supreme Court covers the same categories of information as found in Vol. I. Additionally, Vol. II provides introductory material to each circuit and the Supreme Court. Both volumes of the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary are available at the Circulation Desk. (Hint: vol. 1 District is red, and vol. 2 Circuit is blue.)
The Judicial Profiles comprise 13 volumes of biographical information of judges in all California state and federal courts. Often humorous or anecdotal, these biographies first appeared as columns in the L. A. Daily Journal. Profiles contain personal information as well as records of education and service. These volumes are available behind the Reference Desk.
For more resources on judicial information, here is the Hastings Library Judicial Directories Research Guide.