New Firefox Tool Generates Bluebook Citations

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From LLRX: Creating proper citations in briefs is a time consuming process–copying the quoted material, the case name, abbreviating part of the names as required, and making sure you have the right pinpoint page number. Or at least it was a time consuming process until CiteGenie came along. CiteGenie is a new extension for the Firefox web browser that, as its website promises, “automagically” creates Bluebook formatted pinpoint citations when copying from Westlaw.
According to the LLRX reviewer, “Citegenie is very good. It is not quite perfect, but it does a better job than a lot of lawyers do on their own. And even if it is not better than you, it is undoubtedly faster. CiteGenie is not a substitute for knowing the Bluebook and your local jurisdiction’s citation rules. You still need to apply your own judgment to CiteGenie’s results. After using CiteGenie for a few days, I was hooked. I can’t imagine using Westlaw without it.”

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