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The Hastings Law Library has a new online subscription to ProQuest Health and Medical Complete. This resource “…provides coverage from leading health journals and essential titles in key medical specialties. It is designed to serve a wide range of people who need health information–from hospital administrators to medical professionals.” It is available on the pull down menus on our home page or our Electronic Reourses Page
Here are some search tips for all our our Proquest Databases:

The “advanced search” option allows you to by subject or just in the title or abstract of an article.
“Quotation marks” will search for an exact title match.
All words typed in the search box are joined by “AND ”
The symbol * is used as a truncation character; it will find all forms of a word.
For example, searching for gene* will find “genes”, “genetic”, “genetics”, etc.
You can also use ghe symbol ? to replace any single character, either inside the word or the right end of the word.
For example, searching for “wom?n” will find “woman” and “women.”

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