Westlaw Password Phaseout

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Westlaw is in the process of phasing out its traditional alpha-numeric passwords. In the near future, you will be required to use your self-created Username and Password. In addition, when these changes go into effect, all Usernames and Passwords will be required to meet new “strong password” criteria.
This new “OnePass” system is already in effect for anyone who registers a new password or anyone who updates their registration information. Here is what is now required:
New Usernames must be at least eight characters long. They may contain up to 70 characters. At least two of the characters must possess one of the following attributes:
− Uppercase letter(s)
− Lowercase letter(s)
− Number(s)
− Certain special characters: period (.), at (@), hyphen (-) or underscore (_)
Passwords must also be at least eight characters long. They cannot be longer than 16 characters and they must contain at least three of the above-listed attributes. So, San Francisc0 (containing both capitalized and lowercase letters plus a zero instead of the letter “o”) would be an acceptable Password.
Once you create a strong OnePass, you will no longer be able to sign with your alphanumeric Westlaw password. From that point on, you will only be able to sign on with your OnePass Username and Password.
If you have any additional questions about these procedures, please contact our Westlaw Rep, Mark Cygnet, at mark.cygnet@thomsonreuters.com.

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