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Law in the News: What the Supreme Court Did (and Did Not) Reveal About 3 Hot Button Issues

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Without uttering a word from the bench, the Supreme Court acted on major hot button issues in the last month concerning voting rights, abortion and gay marriage. The cases weren’t on the Court’s argument calendar. Parties were either asking the Court to act on an emergency basis to freeze a lower court decision, or requesting… Continue reading

Law in the News: Nevada and Idaho want high court to put gay-marriage on hold

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Washington (CNN) — Officials in Idaho and Nevada have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop same-sex marriage in those states, at least temporarily, by barring implementation of a federal appeals court ruling issued Tuesday. The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals struck down current bans on same-sex marriage in the two states, and later… Continue reading

Law in the News: Supreme Court’s Robust New Session Could Define Legacy of Chief Justice

Published on: Author: Teresa L

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday returns to work to face a rich and varied docket, including cases on First Amendment rights in the digital age, religious freedom behind bars and the status of Jerusalem. Those cases are colorful and consequential, but there are much bigger ones on the horizon. In the coming weeks,… Continue reading