Rent-a-Pet at the Library!

Published on: Author: Teresa L

Due to the success of our dog therapy program (which will take place April 27 to 30 this Spring term), the library will expand its services to offer a new service to students, Rent-a-Pet. Students will be able to “check out” (borrow) a pet for a period of time between 2 hours and 24 hours. Borrowing is free, but your student ID is required.

While “traditional” animals like dogs, cats and parakeets will of course be offered, the library has some surprises in store. Culminating upon 12-month negotiations, the library has teamed up with the San Francisco Zoo to offer students access to more exotic animals like parrots, turtles and monkeys. We are currently working on obtaining permission to bring over baby polar bears!


This service begins today, April 1, 2015!

photo courtesy of Firstpeople

(Happy April Fools! P.S.- The Dog Therapy program is still in place– but it only offers dogs!)