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The Move is Beginning

Published on: Author: Teresa L

The 5th and 6th floors of 200 McAllister are complete, the 4th floor is still in progress. Last week we received a shipment of books that had been placed in deep storage back in the summer of 2005. These books, boxed and on pallets, await the movers who will start taking them to 200 next… Continue reading

The Books: They Are A-Movin’

Published on: Author: Teresa L

For the entire time the Library has been in temporary quarters, work within the Technical Services Department of the Library has continued. This means that new books, journals, microfiche and reporter volumes have been selected, ordered, received and catalogued. Since we didn’t have much extra space in the First Floor Library and since there also… Continue reading

Library News

Published on: Author: Teresa L

The shelving for books in the renovated library is currently being installed. In order to do this, they have to bolt the frame and brace through the carpeting to the concrete below. Once those are in, the book shelves get attached to the uprights. So far, uprights are installed on half of the 6th floor.… Continue reading