Welcome to the Scholarship Blog at UC Law SF. The blog is meant to disseminate the ideas of the thought leaders here at UC Law SF to readers of all stripes: academics, lawmakers, practitioners, judges, and others.

We have modeled this blog on the successful JOTWELL model in two ways.

First, the focus of the blog will be on content—the ideas and contributions of our scholarship—rather than on placements or accolades. We want to show how we move conversations forward or shift them entirely, and to do that, we rely on communicating the ideas themselves rather than proxies of placements. We hope that you, dear reader, will engage and judge our ideas.

Second, the initial format will be based on co-promotion. Authors of works cannot post about their own work. Instead, other experts in the fields will post substantive commentary about the work. Our scholarship is most meaningful when filtered critically through the eyes of those in the field. And our hope is that these posts will help explain, in a concise way, and with what objectivity peer review provides, why our work is important.

Dissemination is key to contribution. Logistically, the blog tries to make dissemination easy for readers. If you think that UC Law SF produces tons of great stuff to read, you can subscribe to a feed for the whole blog. If you’d rather focus on the terrific work our amazing civilprocedure faculty members produce, then you can subscribe to feeds of civ pro content. Or if you’d like to subscribe to a particular person, you can do so.

Enjoy the blog, and please send any comments or suggestions to the blog editor.