Black Hastings Speaks is a project of the UC Hastings Center for Racial and Economic Justice (CREJ). The series is modeled after the StoryCorps podcasts and aims to preserve and present, with dignity, authentic stories of Black experiences within the UC Hastings community.

Oral narrative and rhetoric were long the primary means of preserving history and cultural information among Black people in the United States, as Black written language was illegal for more than 250 years. In response to the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, this series pays homage to the rich oral traditions of African Americans, as we seek to foster healing, build connections, encourage systemic change, and deepen empathy on issues of anti-Blackness.

Each episode, you will hear interviews and discussions between the college’s Black community members. Participants candidly share perspectives on a variety of topics that move between their personal identity and reflections on experiences at UC Hastings.

Episode 1Shauna Marshall and Alina Ball
Episode 2Shandyn Pierce and Myell Mergaert
Episode 3Elizabeth McGriff and Lauren Lofton
Episode 4 – Loren Hampton and Marcus Kennedy-Grimes
Episode 5Richard Boswell and Lynn Singleton
Episode 6 – Elizabeth McGriff and Loren Hampton

Series Creators: Professor Alina Ball and Professor Emeritus Shauna Marshall, CREJ Co-Directors
Producer/Editor: Areca Smit, Associate Director for Electronic Media, UC Hastings Law
Project Assistant: Samara Sargeant, Communications Assistant, UC Hastings Law
Sound Engineering and Mixing: Terry Lowenthal
Graphic Design: Josiah Pak

Special thanks to LexLab for both project and technical support.

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