Spencer Reckon – Class of 2016 – Bar Courses

Published on: Author: Bar Passage Support

The best thing that I did during law school to prepare for the Bar was taking all of the Bar-related courses. At first, I wasn’t interested in taking Crim. Pro because I had no intention of practicing criminal law. I am glad that I took the class because there were several Crim. Pro questions that I wouldn’t have been able to answer otherwise.

Another thing that was particular useful, was creating and looking back at my Bar-related course outlines. Creating and reviewing your own outlines keeps the information fresh in your mind.

The most helpful thing that I did between graduation and the Bar was follow my Bar review course’s schedule. At the beginning of the summer it was tempting not to write essays because I didn’t know the law yet. I’m glad that I started writing practice essays early because the process allowed me to practice writing without knowledge, just in case I was thrown a curveball on the exam.

If you have questions for Spencer, feel free to send him an email at spencer.reckon@uchastings.edu.