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Advice from a 2018 Grad – Remember What Works for You and Have a Plan

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With every new, doomsaying headline about the California Bar Exam, it’s only natural to think—as I did—“Can anyone pass?”  The answer is yes.  I graduated in May 2018 and passed the July 2018 exam, and learned the following lessons along the way. Remember what works for you.  I used a big-box bar review program.  I… Continue reading

Jennifer Hom Chen – Class of 2016 – Reach Out to Mentors, Family, and Alumni

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Tips for Passing the Bar: (1) Build substantial breaks into your study schedule to prevent burn out Many people who have taken and passed the California bar will tell you that building a study schedule and keeping to it is key to ensuring that you complete your course work, build the essential skills required to… Continue reading

Paris Strachan – Class of 2016 – Self Care

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Take Advantage of Free Resources During law school I developed stress management techniques that I feel reduced my anxiety and enhanced my test taking abilities.  Attending the meditation group and free yoga classes at school helped me to develop the stress management techniques. Do What Feels Right Because law school is so expensive, taking the… Continue reading