UC Hastings In the News – August 10, 2020

Media Highlights

Real Life Horror Stories From the World of Pandemic Motherhood
New York Times – August 6, 2020
Joan Williams: Employers are using the pandemic to get rid of mothers, and our attempts to protect them are failing.

Legal Scholars Dispute Trump’s Claim to Power ‘Nobody Thought the President Had’
The Washington Post – August 5, 2020
Zach Price: The decision “may carry implications that progressives will regret.”

California Lawsuit: Uber, Lyft Committed Wage Theft
San Francisco Chronicle – August 5, 2020
Veena Dubal: “The state is doing this all at once as a concerted action to show the state’s conviction around the reality that these companies have been misclassifying their workers.”

One Case at a Time, Lawyers Fight to Save the Planet
KALW – August 5, 2020
Dave Owen: “Climate change has been a concern for environmental advocates for a long time. But the level of worry increased significantly in the 2000s as the research became more and more inescapable and more and more dire.”

Next Steps for Companies That Pledged to Do Better on Diversity
Bloomberg – August 4, 2020
Joan Williams: “Deal with the problem using the tools businesses use for any problem they actually care about—evidence, goals, and metrics.”

Companies Gave CEOs Millions Prior to Bankruptcy Filing
Troubled Company Reporter – Powered by Dow Jones – August 3, 2020
Jared Ellias: “This doesn’t feel right,” he said of the recent large bonuses, “and it doesn’t instill public confidence in the bankruptcy system.”

Virus Bill’s Lack of SBA Directions Worries Bankrupt Companies
Bloomberg Law – August 3, 2020
Jared Ellias: The Senate bill could help the SBA see that Congress wants bankrupt companies to get the same emergency virus relief as non-bankrupt companies.

U.S. Senator Defends China Against Lawsuit
CHINADAILY – August 2, 2020
Chimene Keitner: A witness at the hearing, Keitner argued that private litigation will not bring China to the negotiating table, nor will it produce answers or compensation for US victims.

College and Community Stories


Evelyn Rangel Joins Faculty as CREJ Visiting Professor
Rangel has developed an expertise in building and leading national racial, gender, and economic justice organizations.

New Podcast Highlights Black Voices at Hastings
The Center for Racial and Economic Justice (CREJ) has launched Black Hastings Speaks, a podcast series designed to preserve and present authentic stories of Black experiences within the UC Hastings community.

Public Interest Grads Win Bar Study Stipends
The $4,000 award, for students committed to careers devoted to closing the access-to-justice gap for marginalized communities, honors Nancy Stuart ’94, the school’s first Associate Dean for Experiential Learning.

California Bar Deans Ask for Retroactive Cut in Bar Score
Richard Zitrin: “I’m deeply concerned by the fundamental unfairness to students of color, including some known to me, who scored over 140 on the February 2020 bar and must now take the exam once again.”

Clinic Secures Unemployment Benefits for Low Wage Workers
Yasmine Hajjaji, rising 2L: “My summer clinic experience is much more than I thought it would be.”

Scholarly Leadership


Jon Abel: “Police Misconduct Records Should Be Public – Policies & Polling,” The Justice Collaborative Institute
Recent polling conducted by Data For Progress and The Justice Collaborative Institute shows that there is broad support for public disclosure of police misconduct records.

Jessica Vapnek: “Gender-Silent Legislative Drafting in a Non-Binary World,” Capital University Law Review
We believe that the trajectory of recent language changes to account for women’s rights should guide and inspire the next wave of language transformation to take account of LGBTQIA+ rights.

Manoj Viswanathan: “An Updated Analysis of Corporate Behavior and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” University of Chicago Law Review
The economic consequences of the global pandemic and the government responses to mitigate them will affect corporate profitability, taxation, and behavior in ways that will mask the TCJA’s effects.

7th Annual NACDL-Cardozo Law National Forensic College
David Faigman spoke at the National Forensic College on Firearms & Toolmark Analysis and Expert Testimony.

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