September 14, 2020

Media Highlights

Why Uber and Lyft Are Taking a Page Out of Big Tobacco’s Playbook in Labor Law Battle
The Guardian—September 11, 2020
Veena Dubal: Like the tobacco companies, gig companies have spent millions of dollars to directly and indirectly challenge independent research that is critical of the companies.

After Getting Grizzlies Relisted, Environmental Groups, Tribes Seek $1.4 Million
The Powell Tribune—September 11, 2020
John Leshy: “The Endangered Species Act has been quite successful in that almost no species that ever makes it on the list actually goes extinct.”

Rideshare Drivers Say Uber is Co-Opting Anti-Racist Rhetoric
Salon—September 10, 2020
Veena Dubal: “It is a political tactic that these companies make allies with more mainstream organizations.”

Democrats Must Appoint Young Judges to the Federal Bench
People’s Parity Project—September 10, 2020
Veena Dubal: Dubal was named to a list of 33 young thinkers and advocates that progressives believe belong on the federal bench.

Fair Compensation for Rare Vaccine Harms
The Hastings Center—September 9, 2020
Dorit Reiss: The rare cases of vaccines harms deserve fast, generous compensation, and the court system is not, for a number of reasons, the right place to get that compensation.

Senate Committee Weighs Rollback of Grizzly Protections
Casper Star-Tribune—September 9, 2020
John Leshy: Leshy argued this would run counter to the original intent of the law, which sought to include the judicial branch as an important partner in upholding the mission of the Endangered Species Act.

How to Apologize if You Accidentally Said Something at Work That’s Racist, Sexist, or Offensive
Business Insider—September 8, 2020
Joan Williams: “Wow, I just heard what I said. I apologize.”

Scholarly Leadership

Hadar Aviram: Brief submitted to the Marin Superior Court: In re Hall and Consolidated Cases on Habeas Corpus, Brief on Behalf of Amici Curiae the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California and Criminal Justice Scholars (author, counsel of record for Amici)

Hadar Aviram: Brief to the Court of Appeal: In re Von Staich on Habeas Corpus, Brief on Behalf of Amici Curiae the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California and Criminal Justice Scholars (author, counsel of record for Amici)

Abe Cable: Presented The Impact of COVID-19 in the California Economy with Jerry Nickelsburg and Leila Bengali from the UCLA Anderson Forecast team. The webinar is a preview of the upcoming UCLA Anderson Forecast / UC Hastings College of Law conference on November 10, 2020

Veena Dubal: “AB5 to Democracy: Economic Security & the Regulation of Gig Work in California” published in “Futuro do Trabalho: Os Eefeitos da Revolução Digital na Sociedade” (“Future of Work: The Effects of the Digital Revolution on Society”)

Jared Ellias: Presented “Bankruptcy Process for Sale” at the Tulane Center on Law and the Economy

Heather Field: Presented “Allocating Tax Transition Risk,” 73 Tax L. Rev. (forthcoming) at UC Irvine School of Law’s Tax Policy Colloquium

Rory Little: Moderated a Review of the Supreme Court Criminal Cases panel for the ABA Criminal Justice Section

Jodi Short: Presented with regulators from the California Department of Business Oversight in a webinar hosted by the Center for Business Law

Upcoming Events

Hadar Aviram: Sept. 26, Aviram joins Lunch With the Expert, sponsored by the Office of Advancement, to discuss her latest book and California’s addiction to incarceration.

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