October 19, 2020

Media Highlights

Who’s Really Paying for that $10 Uber Ride? Surprise: It’s Your Driver
El Reportero—October 16, 2020
Veena Dubal: “This is a highly exploitative model that really lowers labor costs for companies and cuts the ability of workers to make a living.”

Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings for Amy Coney Barrett Focus on Future of Healthcare, Abortion and Voting Rights
KQED Forum—October 15, 2020
Rory Little: “There are so many things in my opinion that are wrong with this particular hearing it’s hard to know where to start.”

‘Sovern Nation Livestream’ Examines Amy Coney Barrett’s Tense Confirmation Hearings
KCBS Radio—October 15, 2020
Radhika Rao: “Even though she refused to answer the questions, the pointed questions, about how she’d rule, her very language and attitude and words reveals tons about her.”

Column: My Preelection Wrap-Up of California’s Special-Interest Ballot Measures
Los Angeles Times—October 12, 2020
Veena Dubal: “The potential that it has to do the political and cultural work to destroy labor protections across the service economy keeps me up at night.”

‘Erasure of 40 Years of Progress’: How the Pandemic is Affecting Working Women in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Public Radio—October 12, 2020
Joan Williams: “What we’re really facing is a potential wipe out of an entire generation of mothers’ careers and the erasure of 40 years of progress.”

California’s Prop 22 Would Be a Disaster For Workers Everywhere
In These Times—October 12, 2020
Veena Dubal: Everyone who is a worker or who cares about workers should pay attention to Prop 22 in California and understand the potentially devastating impact it could have.

A Legitimate Fear of Death Doesn’t Always Matter in the U.S. Asylum System
San Diego Union-Tribune—October 11, 2020
Blaine Bookey: “In these gang cases in particular, there are often state actors who are both directly involved in the persecution or at the very least are turning a blind eye to the violence.”

Fact Check: Do Uber, Lyft Drivers Want Out of California’s Gig Economy Law?
Sacramento Bee—October 10, 2020
Veena Dubal: “They have highly biased and problematic surveys from which they are getting this data.”

Opinion: A $180 million smokescreen: Who is California’s Prop 22 actually protecting?
Stanford Daily—October 8, 2020
Veena Dubal: If Prop 22 passes, it will become clear to many other industries that “you can buy any law with $180 million.”

The $185 Million Campaign to Keep Uber and Lyft Drivers as Contractors in California
CNN Business—October 8, 2020
Veena Dubal: “There is a strong likelihood that if [Prop 22] passes, it would create lower labor standards across the board for the delivery and logistics industry.”

College and Community Stories

Spotlight: Experiential Learning at the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office
The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office welcomes some of the brightest law students from across the country into its ranks every semester. Thanks partly to its proximity to City Hall, UC Hastings Law has a storied history with the office.

Scholarly Leadership

Abe Cable: Presented his ongoing research on the fate of tech company “unicorns,” startups valued at more than $1 billion, at a UC Hastings faculty colloquium

Dorit Reiss: Presented research on the legal aspects of vaccines to the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, at a workshop on The Critical Public Health Value of Vaccines – Tackling Issues of Access and Hesitancy

Chimène Keitner: Participated as a moderator and presenter for the American Society of International Law on “Cyber Threats and Election Interference”

Jodi Short: “The Politics of Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement,” LexBlog

Upcoming Events

Veena Dubal: Oct. 19, Precarity and the Gig Economy
Dubal in conversation with Gloria Steinem Chair Naomi Klein on the links between technology and the growing precarity of labor. Sponsored by the Institute For Women’s Leadership, Rutgers University.

Alumni Office: Oct. 22, Lunch with the Expert
Viviana Waisman ’95 founded Women’s Link Worldwide in 2001 in response to her perception that there is a need to create and disseminate new mechanisms for the application of human rights standards to advance women’s rights in court.

CNDR: Oct. 28, Lunch and Learn Series
Professor John Lande will describe how practitioners can combine supposedly inconsistent negotiation models based on the framework his new book, Litigation Interest and Risk Assessment: Help Your Clients Make Good Litigation Decisions.

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