November 9, 2020

Media Highlights

Federal Supply Deal For COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Lacks Some Customary Protections
NPR—November 6, 2020
Robin Feldman: “With these contracting practices, the administration is essentially giving away the store.”

Uber and Lyft’s Big Win
BBC—November 6, 2020
Veena Dubal: “What Prop 22 does is dismantle the worker protections that we’ve had in the United States since the New Deal.”

Required Clinic Credit Hours Produce More Competent Lawyers, Say Some
Daily Journal—November 5, 2020
Gail Silverstein: Employers appreciate that students are more ready to hit the ground running when they graduate. (paywall/subscription req.)

Trump Lawsuits and SCOTUS
KRON4—November 4, 2020
Rory Little: “These lawsuits really do not look like they have a lot of substance, so for example there is no right to have meaningful access for poll watchers.”

Biden Would Be First Lawyer-President Without a JD From the ‘T-14’ in a Century—November 3, 2020
David Faigman: “It’s hard to have a conversation with an alum in which Kamala’s name doesn’t come up.”

Is It Time for the FDA To Be Independent?
Stat—November 3, 2020
Dorit Reiss: To create an FDA independent of the HHS secretary, the public’s representatives in Congress — and the president — need to change the governance of the FDA.

U.S. Elections 2020: The Legal Peril Donald Trump Faces if He Loses the Election
Middle East Eye—November 2, 2020
George Bisharat: “President Trump can certainly be issued a subpoena to appear and testify as a witness.”

UC Hastings in SF Adding 650 Student Housing Units
KCBS—October 31, 2020
David Seward: “The students who will live here will also engage in the community, they will support small businesses, they’ll be walking around at night, they’ll be going to bars and nightclubs. They will contribute in their own ways.”

Scholarly Leadership

Robin Feldman: Wrote a white paper with empirical and theoretical analyses for the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, “Insulin Costs in Colorado.” The Colorado AG’s office released its Prescription Insulin Drug Pricing Report, which cited her work extensively.

Rory Little: “Clerking for a Retired Supreme Court Justice—My Experience of Being ‘Shared’ Among Five Justices in One Term,” The George Washington Law Review Arguendo

David Takacs: Gave two talks at the South Africa Conservation Symposium, including a keynote, “Making Elephants Fungible: Biodiversity Offsetting and the Law,” and “Rivers With Rights”

Upcoming Events

UCLA Anderson/UC Hastings: Nov. 10, 3rd Annual Regional Outlook
San Francisco Economic Outlook and Pension Policy. Join Jared Ellias and economic experts from UCLA as they unravel the many layers of events affecting the outlook for the State and Bay Area, provide insights about where the economy is headed, and where it might lose its footing.

Office of the Academic Dean: Nov. 10, Post-Election Consequences on the Domestic Front
Join Sarah Hooper, Shauna Marshall, Zachary Price, Jodi Short, and Rory Little as they explore domestic implications of the November 3rd election, including issues of health care, race, criminal justice, administrative law, and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Faculty Colloquium: Nov. 10, Corporate Community Lawyering
Join Alina Ball, founding director of the Social Enterprise & Economic Empowerment Clinic, as she discusses Corporate Community Lawyering. Open to students, staff, and the public.

Office of the Academic Dean: Nov. 12, What’s Next? Foreign Policy and International Affairs in the Next Administration
Join Chimène Keitner, David Takacs, Karen Musalo, Joel Paul, and Naomi Roht-Arriaza as they discuss foreign policy, immigration policy, climate change, and the pandemic. Free and open to the public.

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