November 23, 2020

Media Highlights

Federal Water Rule Expected to Stay Murky Through Biden Term
Bloomberg Law—November 20, 2020
Dave Owen: “I think it’s going to be a mess for a pretty long time.”

What Trump Showed Us About America
Politico—November 19, 2020
Joan Williams: “Americans feel ripped off, and they’re looking for someone to blame.”

Data Concerns Bedevil Vaccine Rollout
Politico—November 18, 2020
Robin Feldman: “The pharmaceutical industry is ripe for disruption, and Amazon is perfectly poised to do that.”

Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory?
Today—November 16, 2020
Dorit Reiss: “Nobody’s talking about coming to your house, holding you down and vaccinating you.”

Anti-Vaxxers Could Be Banned from Work if They Refuse to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
Distractify—November 16, 2020
Dorit Reiss: “It’s perfectly legitimate for an employer to regulate to make the workplace safer. They can certainly fire you if you don’t want to follow health and safety rules.”

Day 1,397: Biden Warns Trump’s Transition Delays May Cause Deaths as COVID Crisis Worsens
The 11th Hour with Brian Williams/MSNBC—November 16, 2020
Dorit Reiss: “So employment in the United States is usually at will, that means your employer can set conditions, including health and safety conditions. The question is will the employer want to?”

Bay Area Trump Voters, Like the President, Cling to Claims of Voter Fraud as Hope Dwindles
San Francisco Chronicle—November 14, 2020
Joel Paul: “I fear it may have that effect, and give the representatives in Congress a way of denying the legitimacy of Biden’s mandate.”

Jones Day Law Firm Under Scrutiny for Helping Trump—Played Critical Role in Outcome of PG&E Bankruptcy
KQED—November 13, 2020
David Levine: “In the long run, that’s bad for the legal system. That’s bad for much less powerful lawyers. It’s much less powerful clients that will be hurt down the line.”

Lawyers Press Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Set in Motion COVID-Delayed Med Mal Case
The Legal Intelligencer—November 11, 2020
Shanin Specter: “We feel strongly that neither side to a lawsuit should be able to veto the right to a trial. We hope the Allegheny County procedure is amended to reflect that fundamental concept.”

A Look at Trump Post-Presidency
Channel Q—November 10, 2020
Shanin Specter: “No president has ever pardoned himself. It’s an open question. But I don’t think the founders envisioned that.”

US Elections 2020: What Happens if Donald Trump Refuses to Concede Defeat?
Middle East Eye—November 6, 2020
George Bisharat: “My expectation is that after a lot of litigation and false claims from President Trump, in the end a normal transition will occur.”

College and Community Stories

UC Hastings Moot Court Clinches National Title Once Again
The UC Hastings Moot Court is once again the highest ranked moot court team in the nation. It is not unfamiliar territory.

UC Hastings Celebrates Second Phase of Academic Village
UC Hastings Law held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new building at 198 McAllister Street, which will provide 650 units of below-market housing to students of UC Hastings and UCSF, and said goodbye to Snodgrass Hall, home to lecture halls and the college’s celebrated Moot Court courtroom, now coming down in controlled chunks.

Scholarly Leadership

Chimène Keitner: “Travaux: Episode 1—Part 2,” Berkeley Journal of International Law podcast

Manoj Viswanathan: “The Unintended Consequences of California’s Proposition 15,” State Tax Notes

Upcoming Events
TEDxMileHigh: Dec. 5, Vision 2020
Joan Williams will speak at TEDxMileHigh.

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